Plumbing provider in Geelong? Have you ever cut all thread rod and found you couldn’t get a nut on the rod after the cut has been made? If you’re tired of having this happen to you, here’s a solution. Run a nut onto the rod before cutting it and then, once you’re done, just unscrew the nut and it’ll automatically rethread the cut end.

Open the cabinets that hide your pipes, like the cabinets under your sinks. This allows more heat to flow to them, which can prevent freezing. This is particularly helpful for cabinets and pipes along exterior walls.

You never know when a pipe is going to give, or when an appliance is going to stop working. Its impossible to predict a leak, and its also impossible to stop one once its gotten started. If you have a leak in your house, call us immediately. Water damage can destroy your flooring, walls, and insulation and can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. Its hard to prevent a leak, but it is possible to prevent further damage and calling us as soon as it happens is the first step. We’ll be there in no time and will stop the leak from causing havoc in your home. Discover additional details on Plumbing Services Geelong.

Remove outdoor hoses in winter: When the summer days end, it’s important to not only pack up the patio furniture and grill, but to disconnect the garden hoses and turn off the water to exterior faucets. If a garden hoses stays connected to the tap throughout the winter and freezes, this can cause cracks in the hose and the pipe and may lead to a very leaky future for your home—both inside and out. If temperatures get especially cold in your region, you may want to consider placing an insulation cap on the bare spigot to provide added protection.

Our team offers both underground plumbing services and ‘over-ground’ plumbing services, or plumbing services for your roof, gutter and blocked drains. As water-flow experts and plumbing expert technicians, we are trained to be able to do any job, whether the pipe is feet underground or feet above your roof. Our roofing plumbers will make sure water is following the right path down your roof and that gutters and drains are clear of debris to ensure proper drainage. Our team can also install and repair rainwaer tanks. An outdoor clogged drain or gutter can be as risky as an indoor one, and we’re set to prevent any floods or future damage to your home or garden. Find extra information on