Use permanent press: This medium-heat cycle with a cool-down period at the end is a proven crease curber. Don’t pack clothes in. They need to float freely or they’ll wrinkle. Don’t wait for the dryer to ding. You can skip ironing dress shirts, pants, and school uniforms by taking them out of the dryer 10 minutes before the cycle is done, when they’re slightly damp. Give them a good shake and hang them up, pressing with your hands.

Clean the lint trap: The lint trap largely captures the dust that is released during drying. The lint trap is often located in the door or doorway, but this differs per brand and/or model. In the manual of your tumble dryer you can read exactly where the lint trap is.

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An automatic clothes dryer is considered a necessity in most homes alongside the washing machine. Some neighborhoods don’t allow outdoor clotheslines, drying large items like bed sheets is nearly impossible on inside dryer racks, and many of us are pressed for time and can’t wait for clothes to air dry, but are you getting the best results from your dryer? Read the manual; almost all of us think we know how to use a clothes dryer – turn a knob and push a button. It takes a bit more thought for effective use of a dryer than that.

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