Merriweather font and other options for a fabulous looking font for your Instagram bio text? If you’re into Serif, but think it’s slightly boring for social media posts, then Playfair Display is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s a friendly Serif font that you can easily combine, and it’s also good to use for your content marketing headlines.

Create a solid background for your text to pop: If you’re posting a sequence of Stories, you likely connect them with the same aesthetic. However, what happens when you need to interrupt that Stories sequence with a call to action? Create a solid background based on the color palette used in the previous Stories and make your text pop. To make a post stand out in your @Instagram Stories series, use a solid color background.

Imagine someone is checking out your profile on Instagram right now. They click on your username and arrive at your profile. The first thing that they will see after your bio picture, which is too small anyway and cannot be zoomed in on, is your Instagram bio. Will they scroll further? Will they follow you or not? Have you peaked their interest enough? It all depends on how attractive your Instagram bio is. Now, what if you run a private account? All any potential followers will be able to see are your bio pic, your user name, and…you guessed it right, your Instagram bio! You’ve got to make sure your Instagram bio is so appealing that it instantly seals the deal, right? Read additional details on Instagram fonts.

Why use an expensive alternative? Monotype owns loads of different type libraries, but FontFont is labelled as its “contemporary typeface” collection, that is “experimental, unorthodox and radical”. Set up by type luminaries Erik Spiekermann and Neville Brody, the foundry is aimed at giving designers a fair offer on all kinds of typefaces. It’s based in Germany, but ever since 2014 it’s been part of the Monotype family. There are 2956 fonts within 407 typeface families at FontFont, so you’re spot for choice. FontFont’s buying process is now integrated with FontShop’s shopping cart, so to purchase on FontFont you’ll be led to the product on Fontshop.

Or, if you like to make interested parties work a bit harder to get to know you, you could always try the upside-down or mirror-image fonts. Better yet, select fonts with markings on them so that people are compelled to look closer to read your Instagram bio, and voila! Even before they’ve finished reading the bio, they are hooked! InstaBioFonts lets you draw a cancellation line over your text, or distort it with diagonal lines emerging out of each letter. Don’t these fonts make your profile simply sparkle? Not to mention the friendly, and yet artistic, aura they give off might make you (your profile) appear as more approachable. Read additional details at