5 advices to lower small business costs today? Streamline operations: Move from pen and paper to a digital time clock, job scheduling, and digital forms and checklists – this is a total game-changer for your business. Streamline training: Your employees need to be pros as quickly as possible and you definitely don’t want to lose hours on training, you want your new hires to hit the ground running. With training material available on their mobile phone, employees can learn at their own pace and always have access to courses to build their professional skills. Create quizzes to ensure your employees understand the content covered.

Rethink your working space: Now’s the time to think about where you work. For some businesses, a large office is a necessity, but for others it’s actually not critical. You might find that working from home could become a more suitable long-term practice, and this could save you a significant amount of money. It could offer the possibility of a smaller office with staff coming to the workplace only on certain days.

Relay to your employees that staying in business is the most important thing. Without the business, everyone would be out of a job, so you need to decrease salary or make them part-time. If your business has an excellent culture, they will understand. Explain that this can and hopefully will all be temporary. Also, see what fixed costs can be delayed and audit your variable costs. – David Fabi M.D., FABMVMNT During a time of economic strain, it’s imperative that you trim as much wasteful spending as possible. I’ve found that by conducting an expense audit, areas of wasteful spending can be easily identified and curbed. Whether that’s overspending on shipping for an e-commerce business or allocating too much spend to PPC for an online services provider, there are ways to reduce costs. – Chris Cashin, Parcel Consulting, LLC

Cloud computing is very popular, and it isn’t hard to see why. This fairly new technology can be used in various ways; for instance, you could host a virtual phone system from your house as a customer service line. This means you can provide your clients and customers with a reliable, affordable form of customer service – even if you don’t have an office or any employees. Discretionary expenses are costs that you want but don’t need. For instance, you may be spending money on weekly snacks for the office, or you may want to buy a water cooler. We suggest holding off on discretionary expenses if you want to save money; after all, you can always buy these items later, when your business is booming! Discover additional info on 95Visual.

When you start a small business, your initial target is to save money as much as possible. Everyone wishes to establish a business in a way that will help them build a strong brand image and give them a good revenue over the passage of time. However, there are certain measures that novice businessmen and women can take in order to save more cash such as opting for a multi line phone system. In this article, we have mentioned a few tips that will help you save money on your new business.