Film finance US by Soundstages in film support efficient, affordable, and seamless production on site. The creation of a soundstage under Global Harbor Corporation will enhance the logistics and the costs of future film management and marketing. It also assists the production crew in maintaining a strict schedule in the plan and execution of filmmaking and provides long-term employment for the studio’s local community.

A business professional out of the Universitie of Umea and the University of Gävle, Sweden, Magnus is a corporate business unit and operational strategy expert with 20 years of experience across organizational functions with SCRUM (CSM), E-PROPS, C-PROPS, PRICE 2, TOGAF 9 Foundation and ITIL Foundation certifications. His experience spans a wide range of industries / business sectors which include Information Technology and Telecommunication, Software Development, Retail, Financial, Public Sector and the Entertainment industry. He has successfully delivered complex projects in 57 countries and on six continents. He routinely manages budgets in excess of 3 Billion dollars.

Behind the Billboards is a US-based international development company, creating and developing premium content for global audiences. We build upon an understanding of the global film and TV industries that can only be achieved through experience. We work with creatives in every global territory to help them raise their script, storytelling, packaging and production standards to a level where their content can be sold to a top tier streaming platform, studio or network. See extra details at Independent TV productions US.

Through our years of industry experience and veteran knowledge, we have made an analysis of the mechanisms that drive the current European Film Market. An over reliance on public funds linked to individual member states has meant that for the most part, European films remain small, geared to serving a narrow audience and without the expectation that a film will make a significant financial return. The process is slow, bureaucratic and antithetical to creating more than one project at any significant scale. Our studio will make three films in its first year and up to five films per year for the first five years of its existence.

Global Harbor Corporation is proud to present our exceptional range of feature film productions. Since the late 70’, we have established a stellar reputation in the film and TV industry. We believe in creating films with bold and captivating storytelling, impeccable picture, and high-quality production. Our goal is to produce memorable and powerful movies and media for all to enjoy. At Global Harbor Corporation, our distribution, production, and digital services have established our reputation as pioneers in the industry. See additional details on here.