K Factor CBSE exam app? After school or coaching classes, every student must take out some time which he/she can devote completely to self studies so as to analyse and practice the topics learned in school or coaching class. You must spare enough time so that you are able to achieve some prefixed study targets.

Don’t know why the students do not understand the value of old assets. Again a huge number of students are there who spend a big amount of money on reference books but they don’t even try to look at the previous year papers. Maano Ya Na Maano, previous year papers act as a key to success in getting the mind-blowing percentage in your 12th class. Don’t waste your money on buying such costly and heavy books. The internet is ruling today where you can find anything, anytime. For class 10th last 5-year papers of board exam are enough to practice for the final board exam. There are two board exam papers (CBSE) for each subject in class 10 because of SA1 and SA2. So you need to practice both SA1 and SA2. And for class 12th last 10-year papers are enough to boost up the preparation for final exam. Other board such as ICSE, ISC, UP board can get previous year and sample papers from our sample question papers section.

Take adequate breaks in between your study hours to relax your mind. Take a 40 to 45 minutes break and utilize it in relaxing your mind and body. For the next 1 and the half month, keep your social media at bay. Don’t waste too much time there, rather invest your spare time in activities like yoga and meditation, to make increase your concentration power.

These aides in cbse test preparation and JEE tests too. Educators can without much of a stretch utilize this application to make an understudy batch and keeping in mind that the application sets questions the instructor can screen the advancement of every understudy without any problem. K factor is an extraordinary instructive help for schools moreover. Every candidate gets redid question papers as per merit and the multiple batch of understudies can be observed without any problem. Do you know your strength and weakness ? Are you ever in doubt that you are lagging behind others or may not be able to score enough to pass the JEE Entrance ? Do you think you need better preparation for CBSE or ICSE classes to score more in examinations? Find even more details at JEE exam app.

Would you like to conduct assessment from home ? Like to understand the level of preparation of your students for Joint Entrance Exams (JEE), NEET or ICSE or CBSE or even WBBSE during this lockdown period sitting at home. Conducting exam when tuitions are open is not so easy either. K Factor is the best application for test preparation for wbbse and neet too. It gives ai put together questions depending with respect to dok or profundity of information on the understudy naturally. Each test accompanies an appraisal for simple understanding of the degree of studies, candidate quality and shortcomings. This aides in cbse test preparation and JEE tests moreover.

Each student gets customized question papers according to merit and the multiple batch of students can be monitored easily. K factor is the best app for students replacing suggestions for ICSE, and question answer books for CBSE – it helps a student to learn in a scientific way for success in JEE and other entrance exams apart from ICSE, CBSE, NEE and WBBSE which are already included in the app. Find more information at here.