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Daniel Feerst owns WorkExcel.com and is President of DFA Publishing & Consulting, LLC and located near Charleston, South Carolina. Daniel A. Feerst, MSW, LISW-CP (SC 8845) is publisher of the WorkExcel.com (EAPtools.com), author of all content on the website, and general manager of DFA Publishing & Consulting, LLC. Dan Feerst publishes customizable employee newsletters and customizable supervisor newsletters along with many other OD, HR, and EAP training and education products.

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Daniel Feerst discusses the problems with improper management handling of employees with performance problems who drug and alcohol issues are evident in the workplace. Forced-choice agreements involve a supervisor telling the employee, says Feerst. For example, “telling an employee, ‘You need to get treatment for your alcoholism (or whatever) or we’re going to fire you’ is serious stuff. This is of course, is the supervisor making a diagnosis (and management therefore playing a medical role for which it is not qualified). This action violates one of the cardinal rules of effectively managing troubled employees— don’t diagnose! In such a scenario, most employees can convince supervisors this “diagnosis” is incorrect, or even pretend they have been motivated to accept help but fail to follow through. What most supervisors don’t know is that the employee has had 10-15 years of experience explaining away drinking problems before evidence of those problems finally appear in the workplace.

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