Top 5 electric chainsaws in 2020 This chainsaw comes with an intuitive keypad for seamless operation and a brushless motor that creates a high torque-to-weight ratio for even more efficiency. Plus, the 120i is very quiet compared to other chainsaws. That’s the beauty of battery-powered chainsaws! We recommend this product if you’re someone who isn’t a professional forester but you do have a backyard that requires a bit of pruning. This chainsaw can fell relatively small trees as well. While the battery charger and a handy chainsaw bar cover are included, you’ll need to purchase the bar and chain oil separately. The chainsaw with the best all-around saw has to be the Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher Gas model. This model technically comes in a range of bar lengths and gauges, but we found that the 24-inch bar length, .058-inch gauge is particularly powerful in terms of saw quality. It has all the features of a powerful gas-powered chainsaw, from an intense 60.3cc engine to 3.62 horsepower to a surprisingly low weight of 13.2 pounds. Like most of the products on our list, the 460 Rancher has an X-Torq engine that significantly reduces fuel consumption and a LowVib system that reduces overall vibration.

The dangerous kickback incidences associated with the chainsaw have been well tamed in this particular model, thanks to the inertia activated chain brake. This machine delivers lots of power, enabling you to carry out almost any cutting task you throw at it. It’s incredibly easy to maneuver. It feels comfortable in your hands. It gives you the real deal on the price, weight, quality, and power, with a 16-inhc bar and chain for excellent performance. Great quality, all-around Husqvarna chainsaw with adequate power to enable you to carry out light-duty tasks around your home. It’s a super lightweight chainsaw, at only 10.3 lbs., allowing you to comfortably use it for longer periods of time without getting fatigued. It has an excellent ant-vibration technology on its handle which significantly minimizes the health effects of vibrations to your body. Talking about ergonomics and great features, Husqvarna never disappoints- and Husqvarna 445 isn’t an exception.

Here is another top-rated Husqvarna chainsaw that also runs on a highly powerful motor. The 4.3 HP motor delivers a speed of up to 9600 RPM to make it a great choice for demanding landowner and contractor works. The 24-inch bar length is also longer than what you get from most other chainsaws, and it makes this a great choice when dealing with large trees. This chainsaw comes with all the typical Husqvarna chainsaw features which include LowVib and X-Torq. And it also has a few other not so common features like AutoTune that ensures you never waste any time making carburetor adjustments. Find more details at Husqvarna 450 Rancher.

Husqvarna has been on the front line in the production of top-quality, high-performance chainsaws that meets the needs of every user out there. Given the many models they’ve developed over the years- with different features, cutting capabilities, prices, sizes, weights, etc. – you might feel overwhelmed when looking for the right machine to buy. This applies especially to those who have never used a chainsaw before. That’s why I’ve decided to come up with an exclusive list below of the TEN most popular Husqvarna chainsaws. In the list, we’ll explain the different features and capabilities that have won a special place in the hearts of users all over the planet…

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