Top drug rehabilitation centre Mumbai? Trucare Trust is an elite residential alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai and drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, Thane (India). Trucare is a leading rehabilitation centre in Thane where the patients receive the utmost care. With its outstanding principles, Trucare Trust Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai is being spearheading as one of the best Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation centre and De-Addiction Centre in Mumbai, Thane for Alcohol & Drug Addiction recovery. Read extra details at Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai. We at Trucare Trust Rehab Centre in Mumbai perform an intense analysis of every aspect of recovery right from physical, emotional, spiritual, to physiological. However, we achieve it through our unique methodologies such as individual or group counselling, therapy sessions, yoga sessions, and feelings management.

A key component in getting sober and going through detox is to make a plan for sobriety. While people can benefit from involuntary detoxification and treatment, your recovery does largely depend on your willingness to change. In such, you need to be prepared to make a transition from your current life to detox, and then transition back again into society. Call us here at Trucare Trust Recovery to learn more about alcohol detoxification and what treatment methods are used, as well as how long you’ll be expected to be in detox. Some detox programs last a few days, while others can take up to a week or more. Facilities often use medications to assist with serious addiction cases, so be familiar with your options.

Residential Treatment is generally the initial phase of an addiction treatment program and often follows a medical detox protocol. It is considered to be one of the most important components of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Attending a residential rehab allows those struggling with addiction, alcoholism, or mental health conditions to take a step back from the stresses and responsibilities of daily life to focus on personal recovery. Our campus-style facility is the perfect place to receive treatment in a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment. The inpatient drug and alcohol recovery program at Trucare Trust can last anywhere from 21 days to 90 days (and in some cases, even longer). The actual length of stay is unique to each patient and is based on individual needs and preferences. We multiple levels of care, including inpatient residential treatment and outpatient care. We have a wide variety of programming with classes geared for specific needs.

Before beginning a tapering schedule, speak with your doctor about the risks of detoxing at home. Tapering off alcohol may complicate other medical conditions or co-occurring mental health disorders. If you’re used to drinking more than 20 beers per day, the experts at HAMS recommend the following tapering schedule, which includes eight hours of sleep per night. Your tapering schedule should be flexible. Expect to feel some discomfort, including anxiety, sweating or irritability. If you feel more severe symptoms, such as paranoia, increased pulse, or tremors sometimes called alcohol shakes, you should taper more slowly and consider seeking professional help. If you feel severe symptoms, such as hallucinations, rapid heartbeat or disorientation, call 911 immediately.

A drug rehab programme or an alcohol rehab programme should provide a variety of addiction treatment options. When combined with individual chemical dependency counselling, cutting-edge methods of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy help people heal from the anxiety and memories that often lead to self-medicating substance abuse. Family counselling helps to repair the relationships that contribute to and are exacerbated by addiction. People can embrace their true identities and move forward positively with the help of life purpose and spiritual counselling. Comprehensive alcohol and drug rehab rehabilitates all aspects of human life and provides additional treatments such as: ; Physical Training ; Massage/Bodywork ; Acupuncture ; Nutritional Consultation ; Yoga/Music/Arts Therapy ; Image Therapy. Find even more info at