High quality voice recorder supplier in China? Maybe sometimes you will think or see interesting things, but writing down on the phones takes some time and attention. If you can make quick small audio memos like press a button and record it. Wearable Voice Recorder can do this for you. It like a piece of jewelry or a watch. But it can help you capture your thoughts when you press a button. Find even more info at spy video recorder.

The HNSAT UR-09 adopts a built-in large-capacity high-energy polymer battery, which can be directly connected to the computer for charging, and can record continuously for about 15 hours after a full charge. Which can meet the recording needs of one day. You can also plug the USB into a computer or power bank to record while charging until the space is full. The biggest advantage is one-click operation, simple and practical. Only push past the recording and push back to save. Even children will also use it. And in the case of low battery power, the recording file of the latter section will be automatically saved, and there is no need to worry about the last file loss.

In recent years, with the development of the times. The industrial design of electronic products is becoming more and more fashionable and multifunctional. The voice recorder is no exception. As an enterprise integrating the design, manufacture and sales of Voice Recorder. HNSAT does its part to become the leader in the industrial design of voice recorder items. Today, I would like to recommend a high-definition smart color screen retractable USB professional voice recorder – DVR-828 has been launched this month.

Children still need some products as learning aids in their studies. The HNSAT DVR-828 recorder is a learning preparation for children, in order to avoid missing knowledge points in the classroom. After class in the evening, you can directly connect the headset for playback. At the same time, there is also an external playback function, which can be used by multiple people to review knowledge points together. DVR-828 is very small. A U disk is almost the same, it is a professional digital recorder with portability. It is also very convenient to carry around. At the same time, the built-in 16g memory can record 1166 hours. The most important thing is that it is not heavy, and it also supports internal recording. The built-in 200mAh battery can support about 34 hours of recording, and the battery life is very good.

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