Professional solicitor firm in London today? Kush Birdi is the Founder of Birdi & Co Solicitors. He has a breadth of experience in a range of practice areas, and recently decided to pursue his long-standing intention by setting up the firm. Kush has built strong client and referral relationships over a number of years and is well known for his first-class service, personable character and commercially-minded approach. Find even more details on Birdi Law. We strive to understand the specific needs of our clients and, using our knowledge and expertise, focus on delivering real-life and practical solutions.

We are experts in a range of mergers and acquisitions transactions, including share sales and purchases, asset sales and purchases, demergers, fundraising and management buy-outs and buy-ins. We generally deal with transaction values of between £100,000 – £10 million. Whether you have made the decision to retire and sell your business after many decades or are a start-up or an established business looking to make your first or a series of acquisitions, we offer specialist advice and representation which is tailored to your particular objectives.

The main purpose of a demerger is to segregate the different activities of a single company by transferring the distinct business into separate companies or group of companies. In certain cases, the demerger results (by design) in a change of control of both, or all, businesses as they will be held by different shareholders after the demerger. A demerger may be pursued for a variety of reasons including the realisation of the full value of each business (i.e., they are individually more valuable as separate businesses than they would be within a single company), or perhaps a decision by the owners to pursuant independent business strategies (possibly in different business sectors). Alternatively, a demerger might proceed as an alternative to a sale. See extra details on

Similarly, if you are an investor, it is important to undertake suitable levels of due diligence into your investment targets to ensure that your legal interests are protected, including your entry and exit strategies. A common misconception is that companies can market or promote their investment proposals to anybody. However, financial promotions (including investments) are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA). FSMA controls the way that businesses may seek investment and requires businesses to obtain the appropriate certifications from investors before they receive business plans and investment proposals.

How we can help with the Settlement of Disputes: Settling a dispute on acceptable terms can save you and your business a lot of time, money and stress. A key ingredient to a successful settlement is creating solutions that are acceptable to all sides to the dispute. We understand how to deal with the pressure of a legal dispute, when it is appropriate to apply it on the other parties and when the other party is trying to apply it. It is essential to ensure that the wording of the negotiated terms of settlement reflect the scope of the claims that are settled. A common mistake is forgetting to ensure that a settlement is made on an “all claims” basis, rather than merely setting the dispute based on the existing factual situation. We will discuss and advise on the extent of the settlement terms to make sure that the wording has the intended meaning.