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Camphor Laurel was introduced to Australia in the early 1800’s as an ornamental shade tree and many large old specimens can still be seen in parks and reserves throughout Australia but particularly in the Eastern states. Another species of Camphor Laurel was introduced in the mid 1800’s and the hybrid cross that resulted is the rather straggly and thin, invasive tree that is rampant in Northern NSW and Queensland. Camphor Laurel invades habitats where land has been cleared, has a strong competitive advantage over native vegetation and is toxic to many native fauna. As a result it has been declared a noxious weed in many parts of NSW and Queensland by the departments of Primary Industry.

Possibly more importantly than the unique appearance of handmade homeware woodworking is the way it makes you feel! At this point, you might be thinking I have lost the plot but bear with me. It is a difficult sensation to convey in writing, but I am going to give it a go. In contrast, mass-manufactured boards do have an identical look about them because they use industrial glazes which are formulated to achieve that consistent finish and as result, they can look quite flat and they lack any sort of character. There’s nothing ‘grammable about an Ikea mug, but a stylish handmade mug is a completely different story!

So the next time you’re looking at buying a chopping board why not consider a beautiful and functional Camphor board that has been made right here in Australia. It will reduce the number of potentially harmful bacteria present during food preparation and also help with the sustainability and on-going management of native timber stands in north-eastern NSW. Color can be highly variable depending on species and growing conditions; generally a light brown, frequently with shades of gray, red, or olive green. Occasionally contains darker streaks. Paler sapwood isn’t always clearly differentiated from the heartwood. Burls are also commonly seen, and are considered highly decorative.

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