Top fashion presentations today in 2022 from model Jordan Brooks: Two years later, Jordan, who studied business before being scouted to model, dedicated to his Instagram and becoming a Travel Influencer, and trying his hand at acting which he claims is his ‘ultimate goal’. Over the course of the last two years, he has established himself with his sophisticated and timeless designs, and this month he is set to launch an exclusive collaboration with the storied heritage brand Allen Edmonds, a capsule of several offerings that reimagine its history and tradition from a contemporary, global perspective. “Allen Edmonds, to be very honest with you, is one of the brands that I researched from the beginning,” Brooks says. “It’s a 100-year-old company, they’ve been around for years, and I remember always researching them. They do really great shoes, very well-done stuff, so that was the point of departure for us: How do you take these well-made shoes and update them in a way that mirrors my storytelling, who I am, and my heritage?” Find even more details at Jordan Brooks model.

My friend is a fashion photographer and director – she had been suggesting I try modeling for like months and I figured f*** it why not all I have to do is stand there and look pretty. She had begun working with Isabella and Harriet at LOVE magazine, pitching ideas for a photoshoot and asked me if I would maybe want to pitch something where I spoke about my experiences traveling and my love for film. I wasn’t sure at first, one I didn’t really see it as interesting and mostly cuz I hate taking about myself and being open like that I didn’t really speak about that kind of stuff to people I know, never mind posting something online!

The way in which Bauhaus created a bridge between the Arts and Crafts movement and the era of Industrial Design was an initial point of inspiration – set against the almost surrealistic aesthetic of the 1922 Triadische Ballet, choreographed by painter, sculptor and dancer, Oskar Schlemmer. In ‘Industrial Craft’, we’re continuing to push the boundaries of what makes a garment functional, compounding an aesthetic style with a dynamic yet elevated relationship to our key values of practicality, comfort and tradition. The radical elan of Art Deco permeates the Saint Laurent AW22 women’s collection, said the house. The reference is not literal, informing the show more in essence and overall outline than in direct quotations. In the show notes, Anthony Vaccarello also referenced Nancy Cunard, an independent-minded activist publisher who dressed ahead of her time, using her intrepid ethos and embedding it in our current moment.

Are there any other avenues of your career that you would like to explore? Oh absolutely! I really want to pursue acting, I always loved film and really just felt I can be an actor, and people have told me before that I should be one, but never really went for it now that’s all I want really, so I’d say that’s the one and only avenue I’m heading down, do loads of industry films, work with some of my favourite directors. What does a typical day look like for you? I honestly do to living an exciting life like at all, and depending on what i did 24 hours prior, I wake up around 9 or 10, eat breakfast, check my DMs on Instagram and other social media platforms, messaging friends memes. But if I have a shoot that day I make sure my face is clean with like face wash and all that, check for boogers. But yeah I’m really not that interesting.

Valentino landed the number two spot, after not ranking last season. What that tells us: There must be power in pink. Pierpaolo Piccioli’s exclusive use of eye-popping hot pink and black divided reviewers, but not Vogue Runway’s readers. Also: There’s definitely power in celebrity. A Zendaya sighting never hurts and the superstar made her only appearance of the season at Piccioli’s show. His Paris venue had screaming fans by the thousands outside to greet her, a site and sound reproduced over and over again this season, with Kim Kardashian turning up at Prada and Balenciaga, Julia Fox at Versace, and the resplendently pregnant Rihanna at Gucci, Off-White, and Christian Dior. Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior collection was our number-one most-viewed show of the season. She also had Blackpink’s Jisoo in the front row.

He was born on the 29th of May, 1996 in London, England to parents who lived and raised him very close to the science museum. His proximity to the museum inspired him to pursue an interest in Space Science and led to passionate interest in space, something you don’t often hear about Instagram models. The wealth of curiosity that resided inside Jordan Brooks did not live in the stars alone, but also on earth through performance arts like modeling and acting. With the latter, he attended the Nina Murano Acting Studio where he studied acting in New York City; this is the only knowledge of education known about him.