Top rated centralised trading solutions by EXANTE 2022? Gatis Eglitis is a highly valued participant in international conferences focusing on economic models of business development and information technology. Eglitis himself is a fervent defender of human existence in nature, respectful of the environment. After a change of residence to the Mediterranean coast, Gatis Eglitis planted more than 250 trees with his team. The most recent project is the landscaping of the local cancer center, where Exante makes a donation to charity through the commitment of its customers.

He became a professional trader. Everything came together perfectly: a predisposition, a mathematical mentality, the right education and the first serious job. All doors were open for in the industry. He found himself in a society of professionals like himself. A community of like-minded and enthusiastic professionals encouraged him to develop in the field of commerce, to trade and to make new contacts. The environment influenced him to form connections in like-minded circles.Anatoly KnyazevLinks to an external site. Discover more information on

Gatis’ international outlook as well as professional insights in financial markets have enabled him to become an indispensable part of Exante’s business development team and have been of vital importance in turning Exante from a local player into a global service, connecting investors and markets all over the world. Gatis Eglitis professional experience in dealing with complex financial instruments has enabled him to connect with sophisticated investors globally that first brought out the vacuum in platforms that offered investing in credit derivatives, statistical equity arbitrage strategies and futures, as opposed to more plain vanilla investment strategies.

Interacting with the world’s leading investors, Gatis Eglitis points out that all trading venues offer sophisticated trading strategies. The way to ensure loan repayment and reduce credit risk – loan derivative, statistical arbitrage with its cross trades, futures – is an incomplete list of financial instruments that excludes simple trading strategies. This is when the aspiring broker considers creating his own platform so that venture capital funds can operate aggressively. The main objective of these head funds is to maximize profits using borrowed funds and price formation. Discover additional information on site.

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From a very young age he showed aptitude for mathematics and exact sciences, becoming interested in mathematical statistics. Later his interest developed in the study of game theory and probability theory and their application to the for-profit financial sectors. As a teenager, the thought of getting a job at one of the big oil and gas companies took hold of him. After finishing high school, Alexey Kirienko enrolled at the University of Oil and Gas. During his time at university, Alexei Kirienko decided to apply his academic knowledge to life and became interested in stock trading. By his second year, he was already trading various securities, learning the basics of trading. See additional details on