Top centralised trading solutions from EXANTE right now? In 2011, Alexey and Anatoly joined Gatis Eglitis. It was decided to create a global investment company. In the summer of that same year, the partners registered the Exante broker. Upon registration, the organization received a license from the MFSA. In the first few months, the brokerage company attracted the attention of many investors and traders. Clients were interested in the uniqueness of the platform, which includes a single account that allows instant access to liquid global markets with a wide range of financial instruments. A year later, in 2012, a second EXANTE branch was registered in Cyprus and licensed by CySEC. This allowed him to expand the frontiers of the financial market and attract more clients. In 2019, the broker entered the East: by obtaining a license from the Hong Kong SFC, EXANTE’s financial activities reached a Southeast Asian audience.

He became a professional trader. Everything came together perfectly: a predisposition, a mathematical mentality, the right education and the first serious job. All doors were open for in the industry. He found himself in a society of professionals like himself. A community of like-minded and enthusiastic professionals encouraged him to develop in the field of commerce, to trade and to make new contacts. The environment influenced him to form connections in like-minded circles.Anatoly KnyazevLinks to an external site. See additional information on site.

Before founding Exante, Gatis Eglitis acquired international professional experience in trading, business development and institutional sales by working as an Institutional sales trader, and later as an Institutional business sales manager at Saxo Bank. He co-founded Exante in 2011 as the member of executive and investment committee in Malta. After five years, in 2016 Gatis transferred to the position of the managing partner of EXT ltd, being directly responsible for strategic planning and business development at Exante.

Gatis Eglitis is one of the founders of the international company Exante and holds the position of CEO. After enrolling at the University of Latvia, he graduates in international economic relations. Not satisfied with the wide scope of knowledge gained, he decides to enroll in a master’s program to gain a more focused approach to his specialty. He graduated from the University of Latvia with a master’s degree in finance. He is a graduate of Copenhagen Business School (CBS), one of the oldest and most respected business schools in Europe. The school is recognized by the global economic community for its academic insights and close collaboration with real operating companies from around the world. See extra information on

EXANTE is a wealthtech company that provides centralised trading solutions and B2B financial infrastructure; we create value through technology. We are licensed to provide financial services to retail and corporate clients, including trading and investment. Our proprietary trading platform enables direct market access to a wide range of financial instruments including stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, options from a single multi-currency account.

Alex Kirienko began using his talent and foresight in finance in 2001 as a trader. His specialty was statistical arbitrage between futures exchanges. He applied mathematics to his ability to earn money and make a profit. A couple of years later, in 2003, Kiriyenko turned his attention to global derivatives trading. In 2010, Alex Kirienko and his closeAnatoly KnyazevLinks to an external site.they had assembled enough software, infrastructure, and connectors to financial exchanges they had written to start their own brokerage business. Read extra details on Alexey Kirienko.