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The most interesting is their Paradigm, which has an interesting locking mechanism. You have to slide the bolster over and then hit the button and a raindrop Damascus blade steel pops up, matched with a tuxedo look, white ivory G-10 handle. It’s a knife that gets a lot of compliments. Camillus is a maker of tools for camping, hunting, and around-the-house use. Their most interesting knife highlighted is the Swedge. They described it as “a fixed blade on steroids.” It has a wide spine, thick blade, aggressive jimping on the back, and a chisel tip. It’s an all-purpose knife for bushcraft, used for camping, or anything around the house or garage. The best feature of this knife? It’s under $20 dollars!

According to Simon Moore in his book, Penknives and Other Folding Knives, the slipjoint – a mechanism that uses spring tension to keep a pocket knife blade extended – was invented sometime around the mid-1600s in England. Undeniably a titanic influence on pocket knives and a major part of their advancement, the slipjoint is still widely used today – even by more recently established modern knife makers, such as The James Brand. Slipjoint folding knives became widely popular with scholars and authors, to the point that they were referred to as penknives, for their usefulness in thinning and pointing quills for use in writing.

What is a butterfly knife? This vintage knife has a blade hidden between two handles that rotate in opposite directions around the tang so that the blade can be quickly removed. It gained popularity in the US when soldiers returned with them from the Philippines after World War II. What can a butterfly knife actually be used for? When people think of butterfly knives, they usually think of the flipping tricks that can be done with them. However, a butterfly knife can definitely be used for any cutting task that other knives do.

Now there are hundreds of different styles and materials, dozens of different blade steels, and countless knife makers and designers around the world. And our planet has become a much smaller place in the age of the internet and the era of globalization. Whether you’re looking for a simple camping knife or the most extreme American-made tactical folder ever imagined, you can find it out there somewhere. Or you can have it custom made, if you’re not one to relish in the chase. By the way, the term ‘tactical folder’ was coined by Bob Terzuola, the man who literally wrote the book on tactical folding knives.

The Buck 110 Slim is a modern version of the Iconic Buck 110. As the name implies, it’s slimmed down in both weight and thickness from the original. It also has a pocket clip and a thumb stud for blade opening: both new features for the 110. One of the things I didn’t like about the original 110 is that it sat like a sideways brick in the bottom of my pocket. The 110 Slim has a nicely executed pocket clip that keeps it oriented and stationary in my pocket for easy, consistent access.

The Narrows was inspired by ultralight backpackers. There’s a lot of titanium gear in that space, so the challenge Benchmade gave themselves was how to make the lightest knife possible without compromising strength or performance. The Narrows has a 3D-milled 6AL titanium handle. It’s not just decorative mill for grip and aesthetics, but they also cored out the internals. Being titanium it retains its rigidity. The axis lock was upgraded for this model, able to eliminate the omega springs and thin out the knife, which also allowed them to cut weight without compromising performance. It also has bearings for the divots. It’s an extremely smooth, full-size knife, with M390 blade steel, but in a lightweight, compact product with a beautiful aesthetic.