High quality glass machinery factory supplier: Grinding Wheel Maintenance – The heart of your glass edger lies in its grinding wheels. Check for wear and ensure they are properly aligned and tensioned. Replace any wheels that show significant wear. Remember, a well glass machine maintain grinding wheel is crucial for the quality of the glass edge and the overall performance of your glass machine. Lubrication – Lubricate all moving parts of the glass edger regularly. This includes bearings, conveyance systems, and any mechanical linkages. Use the lubricant recommended by the manufacturer to prevent over-greasing or using an incompatible product. See more details on glass edger machine.

The Role of the Glass Edging Machine – The glass edging machine plays an important role in achieving a smooth edge. This machine, whether a unilateral or bilateral edging machine, is designed to handle both rough grinding and fine grinding, including polishing. It operates through a grinding head motor and a grinding wheel. The choice of grinding wheel can vary based on the specific processing requirements of the project. Customers have the flexibility to select different wheels to suit their needs, ensuring that the glass edges meet their desired quality and texture. Glass grinding typically involves the use of a metal diamond grinding wheel. The setup includes several parallel, horizontally rotating grinding discs. Above these discs, a horizontal rail support body extends, under which a plurality of supporting bodies can slide freely. These bodies hold a frame with an upper panel equipped with a vertically movable pressure plate mounted with a glass plate. The grinding process is facilitated by transmitters moving back and forth along the track support body, applying consistent pressure and motion to ensure even grinding.

If the scale of glass products is large, the funds are sufficient, and the accuracy of glass products is high, and the production batch is large, you can consider purchasing several imported edge machines. Although the importer is expensive, its processing accuracy is high and the failure rate is low. It can play an advantage at a critical moment. Some manufacturers have been used for more than ten years, and the processing accuracy is still higher than that of domestic machines. So in a sense, it is quite cost -effective to buy an importer. Internal round edging border machine (referred to as inner circle machine): The characteristics of the internal circle are simple structure and low price, but the use is relatively single, which is mainly suitable for processing circular peripheral (can be a positive circle, or an oval or alien circle).

SM24 double straight-line edge grinding line consists of automatic testing platform, two double straight edge machines and connecting lines of relevant conveying turntables to realize automatic detection of glass length and width. 1# edge grinder grinds short edges, 2# grinding machines grind long edges, and the production speed of the whole line is 1-15m/min. PLC control system is used for the whole line to complete the processing once through the setting of processing parameters through human-computer interaction interface, with stable and solid substructure structure. The double straight edge machine adopts modular design, and can be optionally equipped with safe chamfering, reinforcing bottom edge and membrane removing device. The whole line is compact in structure, stable and reliable in performance, highly automatic and efficient, and is the best supporting equipment for the edge grinding production of decorative glass also scattered and miscellaneous parts.

Straight beveled edge machine (referred to as a sideline): The beaming machine is generally used for the oblique edge of 3 ~ 20o. Now, some barriers can also grind 45O beveled. The sideline machine is divided by the edging head, and there are also models such as seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, and fourteen grinders. In recent years, a beveled edge machine that can grind various wave patterns on the glass sloping is called the wavy sloping machine. Eliminate the border machine (referred to as the molding machine imitation machine): Relying on the template to accurately locate the template, it can accurately grind the straight edges, round edges, duck mouth, beveled edge, etc. of the round or alien glass. high.

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