Takeaway packaging factory right now: We have nearly 200 sets of corrugated production machines, laminating machines, printing machines, paper cup forming machines, flat folder gluers, ultrasonic carton machines, and other equipment. Uchampak is one of the few manufacturers in the world that independently owns a full line of complete processes. From the early days of the establishment of Uchampak, we have attached great importance to technology R&D and investment. Discover more details at disposable cup sleeves.

Uchampak paper cup sleeve is suitable for any cup type. American coffee and freshly brewed coffee are often very hot when they are just made, It is necessary to put a coffee cup sleeve on the outside of the paper cup, which has the effect of heat insulation and non-slip. Disposable cup sleeves are perfect for adding your specific brand to your hot drinks. This way you can create custom cup sleeves without spending a fortune, reducing costs and increasing impact. Likewise, custom cup sleeves are great for adding a festive touch to your cup. Create designs for Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas and decorate your mug in style. As a paper cup jacket manufacturer, Uchampak supports OEM&ODM. The color, size, shape and printing pattern can be customized. We can make single-layer, double-layer, triple-layer and corrugated cup sleeves with reliable quality.

Uchampak In-depth analysis of the actual needs of target customers, combined with its own advantages resources, successfully developed Customized plastic coffee cup sleeves for packing. Compared with other similar Anhui, China products in the market, paper cup,coffee sleeve,take away box,paper bowls,paper food tray etc. it can be very stable and long-lasting when applied in the field(s) of Paper Cups. Hefei Yuanchuan Packaging Technology Co.Ltd. always adhere to the principle of ‘creating values for customers and bringing benefits to stakeholders’. In the process of development, we highly focus on the quality and ensure no flawless product delivered to customers. Find even more details at Uchampak.

Paper wine boxes are the perfect way to package wine, vodka, sparkling cider, and other beverages in tall, narrow bottles. Do you know most of the paper wine boxes on the market can be reused. Such wine bottle paper boxes are highly malleable. We can customize the design patterns and logos according to people’s ideas and needs. This printing process makes the original monotonous paper wine boxes become richer and more layered.

What truly sets these boxes apart is their reinforced production method. This method involves a meticulous process where each fold and joint is strengthened, ensuring that the box is more durable and better equipped to safeguard the contents against external pressure, impacts, and other potential damages. This robustness is essential, especially when the boxes are used for transporting delicate items or for long-term storage. In a market where cost management is paramount, folding gift boxes stand out for their economic production. The materials typically used in these boxes are affordable and readily available, reducing overall production costs. This contrasts starkly with other packaging materials like plastic, glass, or metal, which can be expensive and not as eco-friendly.

There is an inseparable relationship between gift boxes and gifts. If you want to surprise others in special festivals and scenes, you can focus on the expression of gift boxes. There are many gift boxes that we can come into contact with in our lives, such as drawer gift boxes, double door gift boxes, lia and base gift boxes, etc. Folding Gift Box is one of the most popular of these categories. There are 2 main reasons why Folding Gift Box is loved by people. Derived from the attributes of the Folding Gift Box itself, due to its foldable design, light weight can save shipping costs and at the same time satisfy some consumers’ DIY wishes, indirectly driving consumers’ hands-on ability.