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Around the year 1900 embroidery had spread from being the preserve of the upper-class and became a pastime of the people. Mail order catalogues and pattern papers led to patterns and techniques being widely spread, and embroidery were no longer done on expensive silk but on coarser and cheaper materials. Most hangings now also featured a short text in the form of proverbs, sayings or scriptures in combination with a pattern that formed the frame.

The reason why machine embroidery is preferred by most these days is because the designs are reproduced perfectly, so it is free of all errors. Moreover, the quality remains same for all copies – color, tint, and other features are identical. One of the best ways to transform an outfit into something spectacular is by adding embroidery designs to it. While our grandmothers painstakingly applied each stitch by hand, we have the benefit of having the art of machine embroidery at the tips of our fingers. Check out the flawless designs produced by our skilled technicians. Whether it is an elephant & butterfly, cat face, mommy & baby fox, or angry birds, rapt attention has been paid to every detail, so there is no scope for complaint. There are lots of options, so check out the patterns and choose accordingly. The insect and animal themed embroidery comes in handy while designing something for kids, but even adults can have fun with them. Read a few more info on Animals & Insects Embroidery Designs

Embroidery, fiber, and needlework originated in the orient and Middle East. People discovered that the stitches used to join animal skin could also be used to make decorative items. According to recorded history sculptures, painting, and decorated vases show people wearing thread embroidered clothing. During the 11100 ’s religious items were decorated using small seed pearls which were sewn on vellum. In the 1200s to 1300s all types of clothes including male attires had embroidery. In 1500 A.D embroidery was considered luxurious in Europe and other areas in the world. From 1500-1700 thread and embroidery become more famous. embroidered beads were found on layettes, baskets, court dress, home furnishing, and many other items.

Embroidery is one of the oldest art forms and has been used to decorate fabrics for ecclesiastical purposes, costume, domestic uses and secular ceremonial articles. In any particular period of English history the emphasis has changed. From the Anglo-Saxon period to the end of the Middle Ages the emphasis was on ecclesiastical works, whereas in Elizabethan times, the Stuart Period and the 18th Century costume was all important. Later, with the introduction of the Guilds and for Masonic purposes, ceremonial embroidery came to the forefront. See additional info at